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One Earth Designs

Shatin, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Member since: 08/22/2013

About Us

SolSource is a high-performance parabolic solar concentrator that harnesses the energy of the sun for outdoor cooking. Inspired by the problem of indoor pollution from household stoves faced by rural families in China, it is the first of a growing range of products in One Earth Designs' mission to bring innovative and clean energy solutions to people around the world. Developed in collaboration with Himalayan families, five years and thirteen prototype generations later, SolSource is providing hundreds of rural families with cleaner air in their homes, reducing their fuel gathering time and energy costs. Introducing SolSource and other innovations to communities worldwide, One Earth Designs hopes to tackle the global problem of reliance on polluting solid fuels, which in turn can have a significant positive impact on the health of both their users and the environment.

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