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Pakgaroo Products

Misc. Consumer Goods
Minden, NV
United States
Member since: 07/22/2013

About Us

Pakgaroo Products, LLC delivers earth friendly line of outdoor products that helps people on-the-go, meanwhile, Pakgaroo products carry the mission to raise the environmental awareness to the public. We emphasize practicality, fun, fashion, affordability, and most importantly “green” within our product lines. We endeavor to do our best to serve your needs and complement your outdoor lifestyle.
Our Beginnings
Our name is inspired by a kangaroo holding its baby securely in the pouch. This safe, natural way to carry a baby led us to design our company around this simple concept. At Pakgaroo Products, LLC, we spend each day looking at what people need in terms of outdoor products, that is more practical, and more affordable, meanwhile, enhance your personality and outdoor life quality.
The story of Pakgaroo Products, LLC begins after I became a mother. Constantly going to places with my baby, constantly packing, unpacking, such as the bottle, diaper, powder, lotion, wiping cloths and a myriad of other stuff as well.
Fumbling around trying to find what I needed was bad enough, but not having the right bottle for milk, hot water, iced water, or a bag that could efficiently carry all of things I needed helped spark the idea for creating better, more practical water bottle, that can fits everything I need, carry it everywhere I go, cold or hot, milk or drink, coffee or food, gym or park.
I knew that there had to be a better way to carry what I needed, so as my baby got older I set out to form a company that created a line of functional, practical, reliable, most importantly, environmentally friendly. What has amazed me in my journey that led to the creation of Pakgaroo Products, LLC is how providing people with what they need, fits our customers environmental consciousness, can be so rewarding in life.
Partnering with 1% For the Planet organization has always been my dream. I am very honoured I can join thousands of other members now to contribute and give back to our mother planet in many ways, just like how she nourishes us. Please join us for a cleaner, greener and healthier planet, for us, for our children, and theirs.
Our Mission to You
We start our day by looking at what people need that are “on-the-go” and design products on-the-go that makes their lives just a bit easier. A water bottle should be something reliable, easy to carry, yet made of high quality materials so that you are not worrying about leaking or chemical leaching, and lasting for years. Outdoor life made easy.
Let us demonstrate to you through our excellent line of products, top notch customer service and low, affordable prices how Pakgaroo Products, LLC is here to meet your needs in bottles, and many other forthcoming items to pack or for packing.
Where to Find Us
Our products are available at exclusively:

Contact Us:
Pakgaroo Products, LLC
2220 Meridian Blvd
Suite # J1481
Minden, NV 89423

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