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Viña Ventisquero

Food and Beverage
Member since: 07/15/2013

About Us

Yali wines are the best reflection of Viña Ventisquero's eco-friendly nature, contributing innovation, balance and modernity to our company. Yali has three lines – Wetland, National Reserve and Three Lagoons – each inspired by a different characteristic of the El Yali wetland. El Yali, located in the Valparaiso Region, 35 kilometres south of Santo Domingo, is the largest wetland area in central Chile.

Yali’s friendly, fresh, vibrant wines invite us to return to the essence of humanity, seeking balance with nature and respecting the environment.

Faithful to that spirit, Viña Ventisquero’s Yali has formed strategic alliances with international organizations that advocate for the environment and the protection of wetland areas, as well as the birds and ecosystems they shelter. Ventisquero has also reduced its bottle weight by 12% and, in 2008, it became the first Chilean winery to gain the Climate Care certification, for offsetting the emissions produced in wine transportation.

Now, Yali is going one step further. Yali has made an agreement with Australia’s Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI), one of the most globally renowned certifying agencies, to analyze the impact of the greenhouse gases produced throughout the production and commercial supply chain for its wines. Yali now neutralizes 100% of its CO2 emissions, thereby earning Carbon Neutral certification.

To offset its emissions, Yali sponsors environmentally friendly projects around the world. One such initiative is the Hanuman Biomass Renewable Energy Project, a plant in India that uses biomass combustion to generate energy.

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