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ELCO Vending

Food and Beverage
Waterford, VA
United States
Member since: 07/01/2013

About Us

Thanks for checking out ELCO Vending. While the company is new, the owners are not! They have been residents of Northern Virginia for the last 15 years and ardent advocates of healthier eating for at least twice that long.

You’ve all seen the stats on increasing rates of childhood and adult obesity rates. The good news is that change is coming. Schools are providing more nutritious meals and more and more businesses are looking at healthy vending as an addition to their corporate wellness program. This is where ELCO Vending comes in.

At ELCO Vending, we bring a healthy vending option to businesses and facilities in the DC metro area. We can place our healthy vending machine next to traditional snack and drink machines or we can replace the junk food machines with our healthier option.

Nonprofits we Support

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