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EarthKeeper Alliance

Real Estate
Santa Barbara, CA
United States
Member since: 06/25/2013

About Us

To truly understand this extraordinary endeavor, we invite you to learn more about our Big Sur Project. Before the Alliance acquired the Big Sur Ranch, it was in dismal shape. Toxic waste was dumped throughout the 385-acres. Abandoned cars were left to rust. And the eco system was struggling to sustain life. What was once a majestic area where the Esselen and Salinan Indians lived hundreds of years ago was almost no more. While most developers’ only desire would be to maximize the entitlements, this would not happen.

Something more meaningful was about to take place.

An extraordinary vision from Adam C. Hall and the Alliance took to fruition. Ninety percent of the land was put into conservation. Now, this land stretches along 1.5 miles of spectacular California coastline. Quite often you’ll see blue and humpback whales patrol the coast. While North America’s largest and most endangered bird, the California Condor, cuts through the blue sky. In the thick forest, Monarch butterflies dance in random flight while Great Horned Owls perch themselves on limbs of tall redwood trees. The beauty of this majestic land has once again been returned to its full glory. And there it will forever stay because of The EarthKeeper Alliance.

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