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Pupcakes and Pawstries

Pet Care
Basking Ridge, NJ
United States
Member since: 05/10/2013

About Us

Pupcakes and Pawstries Barkery and Shoppe was created on whim, really. My wife and I had rescued a German Shepherd Dog from North Carolina and made him a part of our family. Now this GSD, Ranger, was a very picky eater, even for a German Shepherd. It took us weeks to figure out what food he liked and what snacks he liked. Finally we acquiesed and made him some homemade treats as well as roasting him a chuck roast.

He loved both.

So armed with this information we began to bake him different treats. And then we began sharing those baked goodies with the rest of our family's dogs.

One thing led to another and we put together a plan and we are now opening our own dog bakery or a better term for it is a Barkery.

Pupcakes and Pawstries tries to be environmentally conscious when we do business. We use locally sourced ingredients when they are available. We support companies that support sustainable farming and ranching. We use organic ingredients when they are available and we always use whole food; no imitation powders, flavorings, or fillers. Our cheddar cheese biscuits have real shredded organic aged cheddar cheese, our grass fed beef biscuits have real ground grass fed beef.

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