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Michael Green Architecture

Construction & Engineering
Vancouver, BC
Member since: 05/01/2013

About Us

One of the many benefits of starting MGA | Michael Green Architecture was the ability to clearly speak to a single vision for our company and our future.

We approach architecture as story telling and as experience more than mere aesthetic. A beautiful space or building falls short if it doesn’t also speak to us with meaning; if it doesn’t connect with a story; and if it doesn’t contribute to a positive experience. We aim to design experience as part of the design of space or objects.

Each project we do has a unique story. We hope each captures the spirit of its client and community and finds a way to enhance the beauty and wonder of living. We also hope that each fits into its context with a sense of local and global responsibility.

We believe that good buildings are good neighbours. They compliment their neighbourhood and they contribute in their own way. That may mean they are modest and quiet, or it may mean they need to take a bold stance. As a good neighbour they must understand how they influence others and how the size of their footprint impacts ecosystems and climate change as a whole.

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