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Page Street Publishing Company

Publishing & Media
Salem, MA
United States
Member since: 03/20/2013

About Us

Page Street Publishing’s mission is to capture unique methods from exceptionally talented authors in full-color, hard-working, photo-packed paperback originals around twenty dollars. Our authors have earned endorsements from top people in their fields and often national names, but aren’t necessarily famous. You probably know people like them. They started blogs or little shops. Suddenly they grew by word of mouth because their offerings were outstanding, memorable—simply great.
Each book’s point of difference is defined by the author’s ability to do things better than what is out there. We publish lifestyle content enthusiasts eat up, jump up and down about, and pass along to their friends and colleagues. We want every recipe to be mouthwatering and every tactic one important step for improving you and your family’s lives.
Each Page Street book has a special combination of qualities that convinces readers to buy it. We offer an abundance of quality content, strong editorial follow-through, top endorsements and standout authors—all at an affordable price.
At Page Street Publishing, we believe in books. We believe good books sell better more often. We get excited when they deliver on their promises in incredible ways, and that is our goal for every title.

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