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Pora Bags

Misc. Consumer Goods
Kingwood, TX
United States
Member since: 01/07/2013

About Us

Our name pora™ (“It’s time!” in Ukrainian) honors our sons Roman (right) and Yuri, adopted from Mariupol, Ukraine. We're proud to honor their heritage by partnering with modern and traditional artisans in Ukraine and beyond.

Our patent-pending handbags feature interchangeable, machine-washable (greensleeves™) exteriors over a lightweight plastic interior. This sustainable design means you can machine-wash or replace your outer bag surface instead of tossing a dirty or tired bag in a landfill.

More importantly, our bags are a canvas for interchangeable decorative bands crafted by artisans in the developing world. The band design is simple - empowering artisans to independently design and create handwork that ties in easily to our bags. Currently we partner with artisans in Cambodia, China, Guatemala, India, Palestine, and Ukraine; our goal is expansion to all marginalized areas of the world.

Nonprofits we Support

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