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Prairie Paper, Inc.

Misc. Consumer Goods, Reuseable and Recycled Products
Winnipeg, MB
Member since: 12/06/2012

About Us

Prairie Pulp and Paper Inc. is a research, development, sales and marketing company that aims to make high-quality paper using agricultural waste from farmer’s fields.

After 14 years of extensive R&D, market investigation, laboratory work and successful engineering, Prairie Pulp and Paper is excited about the Retail launch of Step Forward Paper™.

Prairie Pulp and Paper's future plans include the construction of a factory on the Canadian prairies where there are millions of acres of straw available allowing us to produce a new 100% Tree-Free Chlorine-Free paper. The company has world wide patents pending on its process and has the potential to establish Canada as an international leader in ag-fibre paper production.

We’re looking forward to a new paradigm: 100% tree-free paper!

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