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Misc. Consumer Goods
Montreal, QC
Member since: 05/01/2007

About Us

4RPLANETBAG.COM was started in 2007 by Eliot Goldwarg, a father of two, from Montreal and Grace Macris, a mother of three, from New York, both of whom are very concerned about the environmental legacy we are all leaving for our children and grandchildren.
Grace, who has been bringing her own bag shopping for quite some time, is also quite style conscious. She has always wanted a bag to carry that would not only be useful, but would also look good! Although there are other stylish alternatives out there, Grace wanted to design a bag she could call her own.
Eliot has been involved in textile manufacturing for 30 years. He and Grace met in 2006, and 4RPLANETBAG.COM has been the result of an ongoing conversation about how to solve one particular environmental problem through combining their respective expertise.

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