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Deadhead Surfboards

Sports and Fitness
Moorestown, NJ
United States
Member since: 12/03/2012

About Us

Deadhead Surfboards is simply about the pursuit of several passions: A love of surfing and the surfing lifestyle and all that it implies about those who surf; a fascination with the ability to coax the natural beauty and form from a length of wood; and lastly an engineering mindset to perfect the functionality and performance of the board.

We are a couple of committed surfers with significant woodworking skill and engineering, physics, and computer backgrounds who combine forces to beat the hell out of every last detail in the design, the construction, the economy, the weight and the performance of the board.

We build hollow wood surfboards - epoxy/glass on paulownia or cedar and exotic hardwoods - and we pursue it with a passion for excellence so that you can have the kind of board you want to ride.

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