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Teneo Media LLC

Business Services, Technology
Raleigh, NC
United States
Member since: 01/01/2013

About Us

Teneo Media is a Digital Marketing, Commerce and Engagement firm with the driving belief that "Innovation is Fun". We come to work everyday looking to turn opportunity into reality and define our company based on three all-important questions.

Why do we do it? To defy the status quo!

Our clients know that we have an unwavering belief that anything is possible. We make sure to exploit every opportunity to deliver the most desirable and functional solutions, and do it efficiently.

How do we do it? By blending style and substance!

Our ultimate passion is leading the way in the marriage of User Interface and User Experience by creating compelling environments in which end-users want to engage – all while remaining scalable from the most specific to broadest business requirements.

What do we do? Leveraging expertise from inception through delivery!

Our experience in this industry means that we are equally comfortable working at virtually any stage or scope with clients. Our services are structured to bring value and create solutions regardless of point in the workflow.

At Teneo Media, we're different. We believe that understanding our motivation speaks volumes about the work and relationships that we maintain with clients.

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