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Concord, MA
United States
Member since: 11/01/2012

About Us

We set about to make – not just another shoe – but a better shoe… really.

Deploying the sense and sensibility of the utility-driven spirit of our New England upbringing, we saw the opportunity to create something we always wanted for ourselves… an everyday shoe with all-day comfort. With our Yankee ingenuity and our own native son's call to 'Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!', we combined two footwear components that we knew and loved to construct our goal… the timeless style and familiar appeal of a handsewn moccasin with the custom-forming comfort and support of an anatomic cork midsole.

We're pleased with where we have come to… but are more excited about where we will be going.

Moccatomic: the hand-lasted moccasin with the groovy, anatomic soul.

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