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Sustainable Maintenance Group

Business Services, Construction & Engineering
Boise, ID
United States
Member since: 04/30/2012

About Us

We are management professionals and sustainability consultants who are dedicated to helping create the ability to endure encompassing the concept of stewardship through responsible management of resources. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and will help identify your opportunities to create a sustainable building environment.

Sustainable Management Group provides an innovative strategy to managing national, multiple-site maintenance needs. Our team of industry professionals is well-versed in leveraging significant cost savings and creating increased volume efficiency. Our goal is to provide brand consistency through effective resource and time management with the combined implementation of sustainable practices.

Our national maintenance service programs include but are not limited to: Landscape Maintenance and Construction, Snow and Ice Removal, Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair, Power Washing, Exterior Lighting and Signage, and Roof Maintenance and Repair.

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