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Food and Beverage
Elkhart, IN
United States
Member since: 04/10/2012

About Us

Pristine spring water from the Great Lakes Region is crafted with a perfect balance of natural minerals, resulting in a 9.0 pH alkalinity and a silky smooth, incredibly crisp, exceptionally fresh taste profile. These extraordinarily unique characteristics make IndigoH2O the first ever water to perfectly pair with fine food, wine, spirits, and still contain exceptional health benefits in each sip. We showcase our premium water in a stunning indulgent blue glass bottle. In addition we are members of 1% for the planet and donate a percentage of every sale to help children in need.

IndigoH2O can be found in Whole Foods Market, Aveda Corporate offices,, Luxury grocery stores across the US, Doctor offices, fine hotels as well as other retailers across the US, Italy Argentina, and Denmark.

We've been featured at the MTV VMA awards, The Emmy's, the Golden Globes, as well as other film festivals. We have won an award two years in a row at the Berkley Springs International water tasting making us the finest alkaline water in the world and a top choice for Foodies to cleanse their pallet. In addition our indulgent blue bottles make our water an elegant and unique gift especially for those who do not drink alcohol.

Berkley Springs International Water Tasting Results:
2014 - Silver Medal
2013 - Bronze Medal

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