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McConnell's Ice Cream

Food and Beverage
Santa Barbara, CA
United States
Member since: 02/29/2012

About Us

The intentions behind our company have been clear since day one: To make the very best ice cream in the world. Our founder, Gordon McConnell, was convinced that achieving this goal would require he use the very best and purest, all-natural ingredients in his recipes.
This principal has been a hallmark of McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream ever since.

When it comes time to make our ice cream, we keep it clean and simple by using only the highest quality, hormone and antibiotic free dairy, farm fresh, cage-free eggs and pure cane sugar. And our unique, small-batch, hybrid French Pot Process produces the creamiest, chewiest, most redonkulously scrumptulescent ice cream in the business.

Nonprofits we Support

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