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Hugh Culver

Business Services
Kelowna, BC
Member since: 01/09/2012

About Us

Hugh Culver is a highly sought after keynote speaker and corporate trainer, Hugh D. Culver is an Ironman Competitor, Mountain Climber, 10 time Marathoner and successful businessman. His powerful keynote presentations and training programs are thoroughly researched, content-rich and delivered with a passion for creating lasting change in audience’s lives.

Since 1991 Hugh has presented his special blend of street smarts, humour and passion to over 450 organizations, including: Imperial Oil, Royal Bank of Canada, Sun Rype Products, Telus, Red Cross, KPMG as well as three universities and four colleges.

His humour and insights will entertain and educate your audience to the powerful choices that are always available in their work and their lives. His programs focus on Leadership, Motivation and Inspiration, Conflict Management, Time Management, and Personal Leadership in the workplace.

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