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Leaf Realtors

Real Estate
Oldwick, NJ
United States
Member since: 01/09/2012

About Us

Leaf, Realtors® was founded by Kelly Gordon when she realized there was a better way to do things to respond to the current conditions in the local residential real estate market. Leaf, Realtors® is single-minded about offering the highest level of contemporary, professional real estate brokerage services. We only engage in activities that help our clients buy and/or sell homes.

When you work with Leaf, Realtors®, there’s no pressure to use a particular lawyer, mortgage broker, or home warranty company. Additionally, we understand that the final decision about what to do at each stage of a transaction lies with the buyer and the seller, so we make sure we provide our customers with clear information and professional advice at every step of the process. This includes our attending all appraisals, home inspections, and closings.

Nonprofits we Support

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