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OJOS Eyewear

Venice, CA
United States
Member since: 01/01/2012

About Us

To accompany our brand philosophy, we bring a message of healthy, green business for those who watch. We feel it is our responsibility as an eco-active, global company to become a model for environmental responsibility. Business has the potential to drastically affect our environment and the environmental “footprint” left by businesses all over the world can collectively harm our planet. In 2011, OJOS Eyewear decided to become a member of the 1% for the Planet organization. 1% for the Planet is a family of companies and organizations that work together to protect our planet by voluntarily taxing themselves 1% of their gross annual sales to send to environmental organizations work to protect, preserve, and sustain a healthy environment. Currently, OJOS Eyewear donates our 1% to the Surfrider Foundation to protect over 15 countries’ oceans, waves, beaches, and ecosystems.

We realize business can take a toll on our planet and we actively try to eliminate our business footprint – always working towards a healthier planet. Our mantra is to actively and consciously protect and sustain the health of our planet for us and generations to come. We do this through our partnership with 1% For The Planet and by always making responsible and eco-active decisions in regards to materials used and packaging. This fundamental environmentalism approach can be seen in everything from the OJOS display cases made of 100% reclaim materials to all print materials and graphics made of 100% recycled paper, vegetable-based inks, and non-toxic dyes.

Nonprofits we Support

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