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Bluewater Organic Distilling

Food and Beverage
Everett, WA
United States
Member since: 09/19/2011

About Us

Combining essential values of quality and sustainability, Bluewater Distilling crafts spirits unmatched in the modern market. Committed to minimizing impacts, responsible sourcing, organic certification and additive-free production - Bluewater takes spirits as far FORWARD as they can go.

Bluewater was born from the passion of craftsmanship and creativity. Sailing provides us with our inspiration, as the graceful interaction of wind and water moves our spirits.

From our distillery on the water's edge at the port in Everett, WA we have distillery direct retail sales, wholesale production, limited edition spirits - and, our favorite - sail-in access. Visit us for a bottle of Bluewater Organic Vodka and Halcyon Gin and watch for upcoming spirit creations.

Ours is an independent spirit.

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