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Jimmu Enterprises Incorporated

Misc. Consumer Goods, Sports and Fitness
Commack, NY
United States
Member since: 04/05/2011

About Us

We want to help you surf harder, longer, and better. Dawn Patrol is a supplement-enhanced performance beverage designed with specific ingredients chosen for their proven effects. By fueling your body with necessary nutrients, and not just a boatload of sugar and vitamin B - like your average energy drink - your power, strength, and endurance are increased, and your performance is improved. What does that mean? When you finally get out on a rough day after 45 minutes of duck-diving breakers, your arms aren't Jello. When you wipe out and come up almost back on the beach, you don't think twice about paddling back out there. When the set you've been waiting for all day finally comes in, you're primed and ready to paddle your arms off. In the battle of you versus the elements, Dawn Patrol gives you the edge.

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