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The Organic Whey

Food and Beverage
Irvine, CA
United States
Member since: 07/01/2010

About Us

Our Story

We started our company because we wanted to help others discover the benefits of whey such as providing a highly nutritious source of protein, and the eight essential amino acids.

When we began our search for a pure whey protein powder, we were surprised to discover that even though there are dozens of whey protein products available, we couldn’t find one that was derived from grass-fed cows raised in humane conditions.

Instead we found plenty of brightly colored packaging, “designer” proteins with “secret” formulas (with an average of 20+ chemically-treated ingredients), and brands endorsed by “celebrities.” This was not what we had in mind!

Since we wanted a whey protein that only had one ingredient – - organic whey – - we decided to source the product ourselves. It turns out there weren’t many organic cheese processors who produced whey as a by-product, but after months of searching we finally found the CROPP Cooperative®, a cooperative of family-owned dairy farms that agreed to provide 100% of the whey we required.

Our Mission

We believe in actions that make the world a better place, and it is in this spirit that we started The Organic Whey™. Our mission is simple – - to provide natural, 100% USDA certified organic whey to people who want to live a healthy life, and who believe in sharing responsibility for what the earth has to offer, and in giving back to their community.

Our Philosophy


Our whey comes only from cows raised on a healthy natural diet of nutritious grasses, legumes and variable plant species. The animals are free to move around, and are given adequate bedding, water and shelter. In addition, our cows are never given growth hormones or antibiotics. And all of the dairy farms that supply our whey are members of CROPP Cooperative® who are committed to the highest standards for humane animal care.

And pasture grazing isn’t just good for the cows, it’s also good for the earth since carefully managed pastures prevent degradation of soil and water quality.


Our commitment to 100% USDA certified organic product is part of our pledge to serve the planet. Our promise starts with the cows raised on sustainable farms, grazing on fresh pastures without any antibiotics, hormones or chemicals. But our promise doesn’t stop there. Sustainable practices are part of everything we do.

Examples of The Organic Whey™’s sustainability initiatives include:

Processing the organic milk in a plant that uses 40% less energy than a typical whey plant.
Recovering and reusing the heat from our boil heat exchange
Processing takes place in a building currently in the process of becoming LEED certified with special features including:
Native landscaping
Rain gardens for storm water management
All concrete construction materials (floor, roof, block walls and drier tower) made from 27% recycled fly ash
Low energy variable speed drives used in all of our motors (there are 150 of them in our plant so this is a meaningful difference)
Natural light in all production areas
Motion sensor lighting control throughout the plant
No off-gas ink, paint or finishes

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