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About Us

Myself and the company :

With a background in communication and finances, I wasn't really predestinated to embrace a career in the wine industry, even thought I always was fascinated by the wine and even more by the work of the winemaker (my parents were farmers, that's maybe why).

Learning about wine
But at one point of my life (about 3 years ago) I met people from the wine business and did start learn about wine. I found out that it wasn't that simple to learn wine because the one who have the knowledge tend to keep it among themselves and the use of "expert" words to speak of wine tend to keep amateur away and discourage them to get the knowledge. Until recently, the wine jobs, here in France, were essentially a world of men... Only a few women had their chance to become sommelier for example. They are still a minority. And still, barriers exist : for example in the different sommelier contests, here in Europe, you almost never see a black person working as a sommelier... Those are the reasons why I started the school of wine...

"The organic wine school"
For those reasons and also because I wanted to make largely available the knowledge I decided to launch "l'école du vin bio" : a school where you learn about wine at your own pace with simple words. A school where you learn that, in order to appreciate wine, it is not necessary to use savant words. You can love it and understanding it by being only aware of your five senses !

Time for a change in my life
At this time, about 2 years ago, I did realize also how many bad things could be in the wine, from pesticides to animal sub products... and since I deeply felt that a time for change was coming in my life (I just turned then 50 years old, an age where you want to build something solid and important for yourself but also good for others as well) I did start my company and did achieve quite a lot during those two years. The company name is (in English :

The company
The goal with this company is : to make quality wines accessible for everybody, with respect of the winemaker work, the environment and the planet as well.
We sell organic wines because of the quality, and because we respect too much wine to accept the use of pesticides and other bad ingredients in it.

Quality wines available to all using mutli channels marketing
We want to make the wine largely available to everyone using every channel possible :
• Our website ( ... soon new version to be released)
• A (little)physical store (in Paris) : this is our "laboratory" to open soon a much bigger store.
• A sales department specialized in BtoB (selling to restaurant for example)
• An export department (soon to come)
• A school (" l’école du vin bio " / " The organic wine school ") to raise awareness on quality, organic and bio-dynamic methods for grapes harvesting and wine making.
Doing business with a different vision
For us going organic was not only a matter of wine. It was an attitude as well, a way of doing business : looking to make money, of course, but also truly thinking it was possible to reconciliate business with care and respect for our environment.

Because of that we are involved in different actions, like the movement 1 % for the planet from which we are member, the cork recycling campaign that we did initiate or special wine labels we choose by organizing contests and that we put on some of our wine bottles in order to raise money for some associations...

A really strict selection
All of the wines we select have the legitimacy of famous sommeliers and public "organic wine jury" (we put together). We are so attach soon to the quality that we did create a label with 10 golden rules to be sure all the wines we sell are the best possible one can buy.

A wine lover community
Our company is also attached to build a true community around wine and values. We often organize events like free wine tasting or a "day with the winemaker" that come to Paris to meet their clients and share their experiences...

The concept "L'oenostore"
We want to keep our concept of the multi-channel wine experience, the ethical and fair approach, the global wine experience and the quality exigency, but to open with that concept a bigger store : a "flagship" for future store to be open on a franchising mode.

This new store to come will be called "L’oenostore" (which mean the store about oenology) : a store where you'll be able to buy wine of course, but also get wine classes, buy books, DVD, games, or accessories for wine (glasses, thermometers, bottle holders, etc...) , buy wine tour to go in the vineyard. You will also be able to get wine degustation : a special machine that allows keeping open wine bottles for up to 3 weeks opened will stand in the middle of the store and customers will have the choice of free wine degustation as well as for certain wines paid degustation. Our concept is really new here in France because the wine stores are still really traditional.

We are right now working at raising money towards this project. Would you be interested into investing into our project that you would be welcome to do so.

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