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Morph & Thro, LLC

Morgantown, WV
United States
Member since: 11/01/2009

About Us

We are an American sportswear company with a voice. A voice that says today's progress must not wait on the stubbornness of yesterday's indifference. Morph & Thro’s sustainable apparel provides athletes with performance wear that is engineered using recycled materials, employing entirely American labor. We work hard and smart to provide athletes with apparel that is unique in style and superior in functionality. Our up-cycled performance wear is engineered to achieve ultimate durability and long term performance. This directly cuts down on overconsumption of goods, which leads to Morph & Thro customers saving money. We are a highly ethical performance brand committed to the revitalization of the American labor force, preservation of our environment and the overall wellness of the human body.

Finally there is an elite line of workout apparel that’s is not only made in the USA but also using only recycled fabrics, which cause low environmental impact during manufacturing. This means you can feel good in each step you take while sporting Morph & Thro gear. Feel proud you are doing your part to support the economy and also our planet.

Nonprofits we Support

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