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Fishers Island Oyster Farm

Food and Beverage
Fishers Island, NY
United States
Member since: 02/14/2011

About Us

Fishers Island Oyster Farm is a marine-based family farm operating from Fishers Island, NY, a small island located in Block Island Sound off the coasts of eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island. We have grown and sold Fishers Island Oysters directly to consumers for more than 20 years offering personalized service, high quality, and the freshness that are hallmarks of our product.

All Fishers Island Oysters are produced at our growout site, which is dominated by the pristine oceanic water of Block Island Sound. The combination of the cool, high-salinity waters of Block Island Sound and farm techniques result in a firm, sweet meat with excellent brine content and produce an oyster with a deep cup for its size.

We are not a distributor of oysters grown elsewhere. We give you the opportunity to buy directly from the farmer and assure you the highest quality oysters available on the market today.

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