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WE’RE ALL ABOUT PARTNERSHIP: We help you develop deep brand-aligned partnerships with nonprofits and likeminded companies. Members make donations directly to their nonprofits; we certify annually that it happened.

1% FOR THE PLANET IS FOR ALL KINDS OF BUSINESSES: Members can participate at a whole-company, brand, or product-line level.

THERE ARE LOTS OF WAYS TO REACH 1%: No matter how you play, 25% of your 1% can be in- kind donations or employee volunteer time. Donations go directly to the group(s) of your choice.

Get in touch with us to find out more: Fill out our application or email us with questions!


WE’RE HERE FOR YOU: If your organization is focussed 50% or more on issues of sustainability, get in touch with us! We exist to amplify your cause and build the amount of funding supporting your important work.


VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARSThe 1% for the Planet logo gives back. Shop for the 1% for the Planet logo and feel good about supporting companies that share your values.

IF YOU LOVE THIS BIG BLUE PLANET, GIVE BACK TO BLUE: When you buy from 1% for the Planet companies, you’re investing 1% of every purchase in causes you care about. Go you!

SHARE THE LOVE: Like us on Facebook and join the conversation about the role of business in creating positive environmental change.

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