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Financing Green Upgrades

Financing Green Rehab for Multifamily Properties Rehabilitation of multifamily properties has always been a difficult decision for the owner, and to make green upgrades is…


What does the goose’s bumper sticker say?

“Honk if you love Living Shorelines!” VOTE NOW If you’d also like to show your support for Living Shorelines, you can click the link above…


World Oceans Day June 8th

Nune 8th 3pm Nye Beach, Newport Oregon! Sign up at www.OceanBlueProject.orgThe ocean is the heart of our planet. Like your heart pumping blood to every part…


Donations Power Education

Donations help power or river, urban stream, and Oregon Beach teams. Our Team main goal is to remove litter, restore water quality, and education about…


Bison from American Prairie Reserve Meet the Public at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in D.C.

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 You now have the chance to visit a glimpse of American Prairie Reserve’s bison herd in our nation’s capital! Through a…


Last chance! Vote to save our coasts by Friday, May 15!

VOTE TO SAVE OUR COASTS!!  Deadline is Friday, May 15. Our coastal communities need your help!  Living Shorelines can reduce their risk of damage from…


BuzzFeed Praises Third Annual Kids Ocean Day

Posted in Events, News, Nonprofit Partners | by, Tuesday, May 5th, 2015,

BuzzFeed recently selected our aerial photo of the third annual Kids Ocean Day, which took place on April 23, as one of the 36 most…


Annual Willamette River Float and Clean Up Event

Join us on July 18th 2015 for Ocean Blue Project’s 3rd “Annual Willamette River Float Trip” We expect over 100 volunteers to join us and we…


Around a Campfire Under the Big Sky

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TBL Foundation with ICAST will attend the Colorado Energy Expo

Posted in Events, High Impact Partnerships, Media Partners, Member Businesses, News, Nonprofit Partners, Supporters | by, Tuesday, April 28th, 2015,

Join us at the Colorado Energy Expo We are proud to be an exhibitor at the second-annual Colorado Energy Expo. The Expo is a free,…