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Chase Jarvis

Seattle, WA, United States


Chase Jarvis is a visionary photographer, director, and social artist, known for his creativity and boundless energy.

He is widely recognized for re-imagining and redefining the intersection of art and popular culture through still and moving pictures. Chase's commercial work for brands like Nike, Pepsi, Volvo, Reebok, Apple, Red Bull and SanDisk has earned him Hasselblad Master and Nikon Master status. He has been recognized by the International Photography Awards, Prix de la Photographie Paris, The Advertising Photographers of America and numerous other organizations.

Chase's push into personal work and fine art has rapidly gained the attention of curators and art critics, mainstream audiences, and celebrity circles worldwide. He has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wired Magazine, The LA Times and numerous television networks worldwide.

Chase is the creator of three books and the best-selling 'Best Camera' iPhone app.

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