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Stu Bowen

Yamba, NSW, Australia


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity...

Combating climate change is the greatest opportunity and it's simply the responsible thing to do.

Born and raised in Australia, Stu's always been an outdoorsman, an eco progressive, an environmental activist and a nature competitor pursuing silent self-propelled sports, where competing against yourself is core and where the planet comes before people and profit.

Around the 2000 Sydney Olympics and as GM of an adventure company, Stu's natural environmental stewardship transpired hosting various multinational companies and executives in the great outdoors; taking them out of their comfort zone, confronting their fears and instilling a sense of 'leave no trace'.

More recently, Stu worked for Patagonia AUNZ, as the Marketing Manager and then forged a new role as the Environmental Initiatives Manager from his audacity to grow Patagonia's 1% For The Planet footprint in the region.

Today, Stu is the founder of FREE THE REEF integrating responsible business, purposeful non-profit and inspired artists to raise awareness and strongly influence policy makers to future proof the environment for future generations. He also subscribes to a ‘slower smarter’ philosophy, to build more resilient communities, do 'less better', thus using less resources but creating more time and space to reconnect with family, friends and most importantly nature.

Responsible stakeholders help accelerate the transformation towards a more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable global economy.

Oceans of opportunities.

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