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Rob Greenfield

San Diego, California, United States


Rob Greenfield is the founder of The Greenfield Group, an environmentally active marketing company creating a happier healthier earth through marketing. He started The Greenfield Group at the age of 25 and has put over 5% of the revenue into environmental projects since it's creation. Using business a tool for positive action he has funded non-profits as well as created his own community bicycle program, hosted CFL light bulb exchanges, and trash cleanups.

In 2013 he became a professional adventurer and uses his eco-adventures to inspire a happy, healthy earth.

He couldn't be more proud to represent 1% for the Planet and loves to help grow the movement. You can count on him to lead by example and to work hard to leave behind a planet that we can all be proud to call home.

What does it mean to Rob to be a 1% for the Planet Ambassador?

"It means doing what I know is right even when it is not the most convenient.
It means being part of a community of people who really care about the earth and who's actions speak louder than their words.
It means supporting businesses that are doing their part to ensure our earth is going to be beautiful beyond our lifetime.
It means using business as a means to create a cleaner healthier earth for all of us to live on.
It means putting the earth and my community before myself.
It means taking the time to learn about and understand things that I know are important.
It means taking care of myself and living a happy healthy modest life that others can strive for.
It means being conscious of my actions and making changes to them when they are needed.
It means loving the earth each and every day and showing it through my actions.
It means surrounding myself with people who will inspire me to take the actions I want to."
In the The Guardian:

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