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Jacques Fath
Europe Manager

Based in Valence, France, Jacques is leads 1% for the Planet’s marketing, development & acquisition in Europe. He’s been part of the team for more than two years and is excited about the incredible growth of the 1% for the Planet movement in the EU.

Jacques calls himself a “clean marketing consultant” because “green” or “responsible” marketing  are not enough. While helping businesses such as Natura brasil, Ecover and Hero figure out how to reduce their environmental impacts and ecological footprint, he met entrepreneurs, activists, and nonprofits working on solve the equation production + consumption = pollution + biodiversity loss. Then came the idea to create a fair and exhibition in Paris to gather all those people to share thoughts and innovate.  Salon Planète Durable was born in 2007.

Prior to joining 1% FTP, Jacques spent 15 years in the cosmetic industry (YSL Beauté) He graduated from ESCE business school in Paris.

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