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News coverage of positive environmental outcomes generated by the 1% for the Planet network continues to grow thanks to our member companies, nonprofit partners, media partners and ambassadors.

Here’s a taste of highlights mentioning 1% for the Planet and a great TEDx presentation by Greg McEvilly of 1% FTP member Kammok.


Member/Ambassador Jack Johnson: Eco-Activism, Solar Power and Charity.

Noble Profit: Environmental Giving, A Business Strategy for Success

NY Times Blog: “A Plan for a Greener Business”

Orange County Register: “Turning Profits in to Green”

Outside Online: member/Ambassador Kris Holm on the new 1% FTP Ambassador Series.

Transworld Business: Patagonia’s Jenn Rapp on Earth Day Activation

Wall Street Journal: “Patagonia’s Founder is America’s Most Unlikely Business Guru”

Huffington Post: 1% FTP members helping weddings go green

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