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Q: 1% of profit or sales? 

Members donate at least 1% of sales to nonprofit partners we’ve vetted for participation in the 1% for the Planet network.

Q: Can I be a member as an individual? 

We are so appreciative of the many people who want to get involved in the 1% for the Planet movement. We’re not currently able to offer individual membership, but if you work for a company please tell them about us! We’re a nonprofit ourselves and would be grateful if making a donation is within your means.

Q: How do I join as a business? 

Companies can participate in the network at a variety of levels, including whole company (e.g. Patagonia), brand (e.g. Planet Petco), and in some cases, product line (e.g. Honest Tea). If you’d like to know more about how membership works, more info is available here and you can always email our membership team with specific questions.

If you’re ready to start, visit “Become a Member Company” and fill out our membership application. We’ll be in touch to get the ball rolling!

Q: How do I become an approved nonprofit partner? 

Visit “Become a Nonprofit Partner” to fill out a nonprofit partnership application. We approve groups that are primarily focused on environmental issues and have been referred by one of our member companies.  Questions about what kinds of groups are approvable? Give us a shout!

Q: What kind of change is 1% for the Planet making in the world?

1% for the Planet members support thousands of nonprofit organizations helping to save land, protect forests, rivers and oceans, make agricultural and energy production more sustainable, getting toxics out of the environment, plastics out of the oceans and more. You name it, a 1% for the Planet nonprofit partner is doing it with the help of support from our member companies.

Q: Where does the money go? 

Member businesses give 1% of their sales directly to the sustainability-oriented nonprofit(s) of their choosing. 1% for the Planet carefully vets each nonprofit for track record, credibility and impact and annually verifies that members are making their contributions.

Q: Where can I find out what companies are in the network? 

Explore our directory and look for the 1% for the Planet logo every time you’re at the store or shop online!

Q: I still have questions, where can I learn more? 

Give us a shout! You can reach us at 802-496-5408 or

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