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Lisa Pike Sheehy

Lisa Pike Sheehy¬†is the Environmental Programs Director for Patagonia. She oversees the implementation of the company’s international environmental grants program and campaigns to publicize environmental issues and mobilize citizens. Her work is focused on increasing environmental activism for Patagonia employees and customers through broad reaching annual campaigns.

Before joining Patagonia, she was the Program and Membership Director for the Environmental Grantmakers Association, consisting of over 250 member foundations around the world. She has also worked with the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance and Sierra Club on their Public Lands Team. Currently she serves on the board of the Outdoor Industry ¬†Association’s Conservation Alliance and the Teton Valley Ranch Camp Foundation.

Lisa has a master’s degree in Environmental Policy from Tufts University and spends much of her free time heading to the mountains to backcountry ski, hike and fly fish.

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