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Larry Kopald

Larry Kopald, considered a leading brand architect, has spent over twenty years at some of the world’s premier advertising agencies, representing the world’s largest companies. Larry helped launch such billion dollar brands as Acura automobiles, Huggies diapers, Oracle, and McDonalds’s Chicken McNuggets. But during this time Larry has also been a leader in the environmental movement.

Most likely the only person ever celebrated by both Adweek and the United Nations for his work for the planet, Larry has run ECO, Hollywood’s environmental organization, for over a decade. He has done the environmental communications for the Olympics and the United Nations, and serves on boards and advisory boards as diverse as the Union of Concerned Scientists, the WILD Foundation, Oceana, and the Center For Conscious Evolution.

Currently Larry works with leading experts in the areas of energy, climate change, sustainable operations, food production and distribution, management of resources, while providing strategic advice to corporations on how to become more green while benefiting both the bottom line and their brand equity. Larry also serves on the board of the Museum of Broadcasting, is a member of the Television Academy and has been nominated for Grammys and Emmys. He currently lives with his family in Bel Air, California.

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