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Ozone Global Investments Giving Back With Bees

Authored by Shaun, CEO of Ozone Global Investments



Ozone Global Investments is a privately owned Australian company essentially operating as an individual entity within the Investment Sector. As we established in 2010, we reconfirmed our belief that in the final analysis a company is only as good as the energy that originates from within.

Our philosophy is simple:


“Without interference, people and their vision shine brightest.”

With this in mind, we endeavor to build mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with companies who share the same core values as we do. Although primarily we invest in pre-listed and listed companies, we prefer to think that this is a secondary to investing in people with exciting energy, creativity and inspiration. This is one of the reasons we are proud partners of 1% for the Planet, committed to giving 1% of our sales non-profit organizations working for a healthy planet.

Since being a 1% FTP business member, we have allocated our donations to Surfrider Foundation – Australia and a Community Centered Conservation (C3) project on the Fijian Island of Kia.

Chris Poonian, the Research and Development Manage for Community Centered Conservation (C3), contacted me asking if I would be interested in assisting in the project. After learning that the project was to help stop the over fishing the Great Sea Reef by offering the local people an alternate means in which to make a living. I agreed to be involved. There were several areas to choose form and one of these was beekeeping. The plan was that C3 would teach the local people how to bee-keep and make honey that then could be sold to their local community and export market. After receiving funding for the startup costs of hives, equipment and queen bees, the project would begin.

I had always had a love of bees and honey since I was a boy. When I was 7 years old, I was stung on the roof of my mouth while drinking from a water fountain. The bee had been inside the tap having a drink as well. I ran home with the bee sting still in my mouth and the bee still buzzing in my hand.

When I was 11 years old, I tried to steal some honey from a bee’s hive in the bushes with my brothers. We all had our turn to try and get a mouth full of the fresh honey, but before too long, the bees got their payback. We were attacked by thousands of beese and ran for our lives, while of course being stung numerous times. The bees chased us for hundreds of meters. I have since gotten smarter about trying to get fresh honey from the beehives.

As strange as it is, I have always loved and respected bees.I’ve always dreamed of being a beekeeper, with the proper gear and expertise of course. When the opportunity came to be involved with this project, I jumped on it! In a way, my dream came true. I am a beekeeper!


Learn more about our C3 project on the Fijian Island of Kia!

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