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Welcome 4 New 1% for the Planet Members!

Natural Kinships:

As the dialogue about the health of our planet grows more complex, one author is keeping it simple by publishing a new novel, Earth Heart, that takes readers on an adventure of discovery while conveying important and concise messages about how to care and respect for the planet. Caldwell decided to publish Earth Heart himself by starting a family publishing company, Natural Kinships, because it was another dream of his to build a way to connect readers with stories of adventure. “We simply could not imagine handing the responsibility of delivering on the vision of Earth Heart to anyone else,” said Caldwell.  Giving and donating is intrinsic to the Natural Kinship publishing company philosophy, which is why they started day one of Natural Kinships as a 1% for the Planet member.


Remarkable Clean:

Remarkable Clean is the ideal cleaning company for busy people who value their time, healthy living and a happy planet. “We strive above all to be true—to ourselves, our values, our customers, and the environment. We don’t just espouse values because they are trendy. We embrace values because they matter in a busy, stressed out, and fragile world. What do we value? Honesty, compassion, empathy, understanding, service, fun, open communication, high ethics, and the environment. At Remarkable Clean, we do more than simply clean houses. We’re on a mission to create a happier, healthier world, by being the refreshing choice for people who care.” Amy, Founder of Remarkable Clean


Vancity Studios:

Vancity Studios is a full service digital creative agency, proudly based in Vancouver, BC. They work with industry leading platforms, including NationBuilder, HubSpot, and WordPress. Their website and the websites that we host are 150% wind powered. Vancity Studios is all about working with the people and organizations that protect our planet and make the world a better place.


Naturally Green US:

Naturally Green is a home and garden online retailer for everything organic, sustainable, and made-in-America. They care passionately about the impact businesses impose on our world and believe that together, we can restore and improve the environment. “Our membership with 1% For The Planet serves as an encouragement and a reminder of our many comrades in sustainability.”


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