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Teak Me Home Grows Their Hobby Into A Budding Business

Founded by upcoming designers Alexander Elsinga and Jeremy Gallaher, Teak Me Home has come to the forefront of the green eco-friendly luxury furniture industry.  The self-taught duo has come to lead and embody the “Emeryville Renaissance” movement with their artisanal, hand-made culture and bold, sleek design.  Together they worked to grow their hobby into a budding business.



“When structures constructed out of virgin Teak wood come to the end of their working life, beautifully seasoned and air dried reclaimed wood is rediscovered and is ready to be recycled into something new and useful. Our hands are literally in every step of the process – from reclaiming the old growth Teak wood, to saw-milling all the way through meticulously applied natural finishes. We maintain an intimate relationship with our materials that yields distinctive and compelling results for our reclaimed indoor teak furniture.

From the first sketch to the final product, we work directly with the artisans who build our furniture, eliminating the middleman and saving you from unnecessary mark-ups. These relationships allow us to bring you the perfect combination of quality materials, craftsmanship, design and price.

At Teak Me Home we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality reclaimed indoor teak furniture at wholesale prices. We believe that sustainability and corporate responsibility are good for business and essential for the world. Making a difference comes not only by using eco-friendly materials, but we also proudly donate 1% of sales annually to Conservation International and Rain Forest Action Network.

We not only support non-profit organizations financially, but our staff also volunteers their time and sponsors events by donating reclaimed Teak furniture to support worthwhile causes such as Project Open Hand.

Our values drive our business: sustainability, community, mastery of craft, and a modern approach to business and design. Reclaimed indoor teak furniture is our passion and we pursue it using premium salvaged Teak wood transformed into beautiful objects for everyday use.”

—> Alex, Teak Me Home

“Thank you very much for your recent gift to Conservation International. Your partnership with CI is helping to deliver nature-based solutions that improves the lives of people worldwide. We are honored to have steadfast supporters like you by our side. With you as our partner, we will demonstrate to the world’s leaders, and to the public, how economic development that considers and values nature at every turn can benefit us all.”

—> Russell, President of Conservation International

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