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Surfrider Argentina visits the US and Europe

Authored by Gaston Caminata, CEO of Surfrider Foundation Argentina.
 Yvon Chouinard, Co-founder of 1% for the Planet and I
Clarisa, my lovely wife and I visited Europe and the US as part of our exploratory learning trip for Surfrider Argentina. While traveling to Europe, we ha the opportunity to start a very nice relationship with Surfrider Europe in Biarritz. They are doing some incredible things and we were grateful to learn from them.
Above are photos of our beach clean up we were able to participate in while we were there. It was a great event!
This year, they are sending volunteers to Argentine for 6 months to help us start a compus where the public can go to learn about what they can do to protect the environment. We’re enthusiastic to help spread our message through our own learning facility!
This is me at a Jack Johnson event in the United States. We have visited the US a number of times now to attend conventions and  Surfrider Foundation meetings.
Clarisa and I were also very lucky to meet the Pope. The first few days, we attended 3 ceremonies where he spoke. He talked very highly of the environment and “giving back” without expecting or wanting something in return. Later in our travels, we had the opportunity to meet him personally and we gave him a reusable bag and a gift from our beach clean ups. It was so exciting for us to make a connection with the Pope and the director of the Vatican newspaper. It has been a few weeks since I have started to work with my local government and they are excited to do their part in helping clean up our city.
There is no words to describe the happiness I have feeling like I can make a difference in the environment. I have a dream and after our travels around the US and Europe, meeting all of the incredible people that we have, and learning so much about what we can do to help, I finally have hope to make my dreams a reality. I have the unique opportunity to share with my country what we have learned. I’m excited to share the start of a new era of living simply and in harmony with nature.

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