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Shake Shack supports Waterkeeper Alliance

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Shake Shack is a modern day “roadside” burger stand serving the most delivious burgers, friends, hot dogs, frozen custard, beer, wine and more! With fresh, simple, high-quality food at a great value, Shake Shack is a fun and lively community-gathering place with widespread appeal. From their ingredients and hiring practices to our environmental responsibility, design and community investment, Shake Shack’s mission is to continually Stand for Something Good®.



” 1% of every bottle of our SHACK2O natural spring water sold goes to the Waterkeeper Alliance, supporting the cleanup of water sources around the globe. Our partnership with the Waterkeeper Alliance, about 3 years strong, is a cornerstone of our commitment to Stand For Something Good®. As we open more Shacks in new areas, we’re proud to be spreading the good word about this amazing organization and the work that they do to empower member Waterkeeper organizations in protecting communities, ecosystems and water quality. Inspired by our work with the Waterkeeper Alliance, we also recycle bottles, cardboard, and plastics at the Shack; reuse our cooking oil to produce clean energy; and construct every location with recycled and sustainable materials. We’re working hard to lessen our footprint, and promise to keep pushing to make important new strides. In all of our efforts to Stand For Something Good, we’re grateful to our guests for standing with us.”


Find out what Custard is being featured today at your Shack!

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