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Naturally Green: Organic, Sustainable, Made in the USA


Naturally Green is an online Home and Garden retailer for all things organic, sustainable, and made in America. Naturally Green is a branch of LandEscape Designs, which is committed to purely organic, non-chemical landscape design. Our intention and purpose is to provide quality products that will contribute to a brighter and healthy future for our environment and economy.


A Word from our founder, Kathy Vosburg:

After launching LandEscape Designs, I began a mission to find and test products for our clients that were certified organic, natural, sustainable and Made-In-America. The outcome is a line of proven home, garden and gift products and materials that I am confident and proud to put in my own yard and garden, as well as in those of our clients.  


At Naturally Green we strive to be good stewards of our planet. We believe that by providing consumers with organic and sustainable Home and Garden products we will give others the opportunity to leave a positive impact on our environment. It is our honor to offer organic, eco-friendly, American manufactured commodities. Whether you are shopping for all organic soil amendments or gifts for the home, we are committed to offering excellent products for a variety of needs. To this end, we have the satisfaction of knowing that each of our customers is receiving the highest quality of product, while we build a sustainable future for the next generation.


The use of eco-friendly products with any home, garden, or landscape can help leave a clean legacy and preserve natural resources. We want invite to others to be keepers of our planet by providing trusted products that will shape a sustainable future for the next generation.


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