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Miles of Trees: Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities


Dear Fellow members of 1% For The Planet:

Our Miles of Trees fund raising campaign is already in full swing for the season! It’s only just July (Happy 4th!) and we have completed five Century Rides (that’s 100+ miles each) in NJ, NY, VA, and MD.

The schedule going forward is just as busy as we look to complete a total mileage of ~2,000 miles pedaling for tree plantings in Haiti, a country heavily deforested and suffering from it in a myriad of ways.

There are a number of rides coming up all along the Eastern US. And not to forget the epic inaugural Climate Ride Midwest and our very own annual Miles of Trees Flagship Ride connecting our Virginia Beach sustainable educational farm “New Earth Farm” with the Big Apple: VAB 2 NYC — Oct 10 -13, 2014 — 4 days, 360 miles!

Today represents a great opportunity – for you as a small or medium sized business, as well as for our cause. We are seeking sponsors willing to become part of this small but ambitiously growing grassroots initiative. Take the bike by the handlebar and join us on our journey!

Your contribution can truly have a great impact with us. Even if said contribution is small, relatively speaking. To us, it means a tailwind kind of a difference!

We invite you to help us reach our goal of planting 3,000 additional trees in Haiti next year. For that, we need to raise a net total of ~$5,000. Here is how you can help:

  • become a signature sponsor with a contribution of $5,000 — our own cyclists’ solicitations will be the icing on the cake (the oil on the chain)
  • underwrite the expenses associated with our participation in third-party rides (transport & registration fees) OR
  • underwrite the expenses associated with organizing the VAB to NYC Ride in October (accommodation, food, water, ferry tickets, car rentals and gasoline)
  • pledge to donate $2 per mile our dedicated and registered Miles of Trees cyclists can document  for the season
  • or just make a donation towards their fund raising goals

To learn more or to set this into motion with us, please visit or drop us an email at

We hope you will consider this a meaningful opportunity to help grow and sustain this program o fours. We have planted 1,000 trees and it ain’t over yet!

This is the smart thing to do! Your business and logo will be featured on all on- and offline materials pertaining to Miles of Trees. We will mention you at each red light we stop at and to each motorist willing to listen. And if you act fast (BY MONDAY JULY 7) we will even be able to put your logo on our brand new Miles of Trees cycling jerseys!

Don’t hesitate. Join us now and become part of this unique initiative. You will signal to customers and employees alike how progressive you are when it comes to social and environmental responsibility.

Put your name behind international collaboration, health, well-being, cycling, nutrition, reforestation, environmental education and preservation, and help us foster a greater understanding of how truly inter-dependent we all are irrespective of geography.

Signature Sponsorship Levels

  • remaining 2014 Season: minimum $2,500 cash
  • 2015 Season: minimum $5,000 cash
  • 2016 Season and onward: minimum $7,500 cash
  • multi-season packages are priced at the level corresponding to the desired time involvement but limited to 3 years at a time

We will respond to every inquiry with more details such as sample promotional brochures, a full ride calendar, press release and more.  So feel free to get in touch!

Pedal on!

CDi – Community Development International / Miles of Trees

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