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L,O.O.P. caring for the BLUE


Life Out Of Plastic SAC – L.O.O.P. is excited to have joined 1%! Founded in March 2011, L.O.O.P. is a Peruvian social enterprise whose mission is to raise awareness about plastic pollution and its impacts on the marine environment. Through 1% we have found an additional route to “giving back to blue”.

“Every minute, one million plastic bags are used in the world, and only 1% are recycled.”

“Every year, 28 millions of tons of plastic end up in our oceans, and 70% of these end up in the bottom of the sea.”

L.O.O.P. is committed to changing consumer behavior in Peru. Anually, we hold two large public awareness campaigns: HAZla por tu Playa (DOit for your beach) and the Muestra de Arte Consciente (Conscious Art Show). In order to finance these campaigns, we commercialize products made from locally up-cycled PET bottle.

 By providing consumers with tangible examples of what happens at the end of the recycling value-chain, our long term goal is to increase plastics recycling in Peru. Mainly, we sell reusable shopping bags to encourage consumers to reduce their use of single-use plastic bags. We also found the the fiber we work with makes some pretty neat micro-fleece so we’ve also ventured into a line of  fleece apparel!

All our products are made of locally recycled PET plastic – plastic commonly used for soda bottles, water and other packaging need.  By working with recycled PET fiber vs. traditional poliester fiber, the production of L.O.O.P products consume 90% less water, generate 92% less toxic substances for human beings, uses only 45-85% of non renewable energy and produces 76% less greenhouse gases.

At L.O.O.P. we believe that Peru is not only one the world’s mega-diver country’s, but that it can also be a hub for sustainable fashion. We are therefore committed to working only with a local value-chain.

If you desire more information on L.O.O.P. or would like take part in one of our numerous activities, please visit our Facebook page lifeoutofplastic for updates  or email us to the following email address:

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