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JAOPRO helps protect the Tennessee River Gorge

Authored by Blake, VP of Operations at JAOPRO

JAOPRO is a content first creative advertising agency and production house based out of Knoxville, TN. Our agency provides video content and creative branding for dozens of clients, both regionally and nationally. No matter how big or small the project, we make every effort to produce something both challenging and uplifting, an aspect we feel truly sets us apart from so many others.


Outside of commercial work, JAOPRO recently completed its first feature length film, an adventure documentary entitled VOYAGE, which encourages viewers to be conscious of their choices and to be present to life all around us. The film follows a group of friends on a 1,000 journey by river, floating from East Tennessee to the Gulf of Mexico.


After producing VOYAGE, JAOPRO partnered with the Tennessee River Gorge Trust (TRGT), a 1% for the Planet member non-profit organization in Chattanooga, TN. The TRGT works tirelessly to protect one of the most beautiful regions in the southeast. After floating through the gorge during our adventure, memories of that breathtaking sunrise stand above countless others, and we were excited to get in contact with the TRGT about supporting their efforts. Thanks to this organization, the Gorge remains virtually untouched and offers a serene glimpse at this ancient stretch of river.


This video is intended to not only raise awareness to the efforts of the Tennessee River Gorge Trust, but to attract people to come visit the area. Every day, thousands of people pass along the interstate just a few miles north of the Gorge, completely oblivious to its existence. “We currently protect 17,000 of the 25,000 acres that exist within the Tennessee River Gorge,” says Rick Huffines, Executive Director of the Tennessee River Gorge Trust. “We all have a connection…in [our] desire to protect the natural world out there [and] the forests, from birds to amphibians to fish, the water quality that flows into the river, and to protect this community as a whole.”

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