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Henthorne Art Foto Supports Ocean Work

“What the eye can see and the camera can capture are two very different things.”

–> Henthorne, Henthorne Art Foto

Henthorne Art Foto represents the artwork of black and white epic exposure fotographer – Henthorne. Henthorne travels the world shooting primarily waterscapes and shoots the intersection of ocean and earth on many continents. Over the years, he has developed a proprietary exposure technique that provides the viewer with a unique experience.

Henthorne feels very strongly that his donations should support the key element that makes his art so great – the ocean. Henthorne Art Foto donates to organizations that are involved with water and reef preservation. Since being a 1% for the Planet member, they have donated to Save Our Shores and Reef Relief.

Save Our Shores mission is to care for the marine environment through ocean awareness, advocacy and action. Reef Relief works to preserving and protecting living coral reef ecosystems. Both non-profit organizations encourage people to learn, explore and be apart of the action for preservation and protection of the Earth’s waters.

“One of the core values at Henthorne Art Foto is giving back. Henthorne feels very strongly in both giving back to the planet as well as supporting the artistic community. We joined 1% for the Planet to lend support to those organizations that are doing great work for the planet. We thought it appropriate to zero in on organizations that are working on the oceans.”

–> Amy, Henthorne Art Foto

 Check out Henthorne Art Foto’s collection!

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