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Green Supplies Now Joins the 1% FTP Network!

Help us welcome Green Supplies Now as they join the 1% for the Planet network!

Green Supplies Now is an independently-owned and family-run online natural and green supplies company serving health-conscious consumers around the United States.  They provide high quality, natural, eco-friendly and green products in an environmentally sound way at a reasonable price. Their products seek to replace the over processed and chemical ridden products. Green Supplies Now wants to help consumers make more informed choices about what they buy with their commitment to quality products and services.

“We were founded to provide natural, organic and eco-friendly supplies that are good for you, your family and the planet. We are passionate about supporting green and eco-friendly products that lead to a healthier lifestyle, while also supporting social and philanthropic environmental causes. We have made thoughtful choices, such as eating healthy & natural foods, snakes, supplementing our diet with vitamins and minerals, as needed, and finding effective natural remedies that has led to active, vibrant and healthier lifestyles.”

Green Supplies Now supports environmental and community initiatives by contributing their profits, time, and equity in the future. They will financially support causes that they believe in such as environmental protection and supporting consumers’ right to know what’s in their food (GMOs). Green Supplies ultimate goal is to help individuals, groups and industries to meet the environmental challenges ahead; making available a growing range of products to assist in making lifestyles more green, and generate savings on the energy used by taking advantage of the planets natural resources.

“As part of our mission to be involved with environmental causes and our sustainable living, we are proud to join 1% for the Planet and look forward to the partnership to furthering the environmental initiatives. “

Visit their website for further information and a great array of products.

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