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Welcome Krav Maga Copenhagen

“We believe in being small. In Krav Maga. In Crossfit. In health. In growth. In community. In supporting our Wounded Warriors. In helping save breasts. In giving back to the planet. In going green. In being ninja.
At Krav Maga Copenhagen we know your name. In contrast to a fitness center, you will get a personally tailored experience every time you come to us for training. You will be part of a dedicated and select team, get all the support and personal guidance you need from our coaches and your training partners – and we guarantee that you, through regular attendance and hard work, will see a fantastic improvement in your physical skills, self confidence and quality of life.
Our vision is to be the number one boutique training facility in Copenhagen – the highly specialized destination of choice for both Krav Maga and CrossFit. Krav Maga Copenhagen is a place to live out a lifestyle. We take the most effective self defence and fighting system on the planet, combine it with the fastest growing functional fitness program in the world, and add in a community of dedicated members. Result? The only CrossFit / Krav Maga combination in Denmark, with no compromises on quality. We are focused on seeing verifiable results, having fun and building bonds between friends and family.
Since we opened at our current Amerika Plads location last year, we have grown at a breathtaking pace. Now that we are established, we are entering our next phase as a club by implementing all the projects that we have close to our hearts. Starting this year, every autumn we will be hosting two charity fundraising events: “Support our Troops” in support of wounded military veterans and their families and “Barbells for Boobs” in support of Breast Cancer screening and research.
We have not only committed to join 1% for the Planet, but we try to make the best possible choices every time we need to replace equipment or pick a new supplier. We carbon offset our printing, we selected our fish-oil supplier based on their eco-profile, we have installed solar film on our windows to negate the need for air conditioning and we strongly encourage all our members to stop using plastic, single use water bottles – but rather invest in one of the eco-friendly, BPA free, stainless steel water bottles.
Everything we do is member driven and nothing makes us more proud than being part of the community that our members have created at the club!”

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