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Plak That Plants More Trees

Authored by Wyatt Harrison, Owner of Plak That
“Being a lifelong surfer, I have always had an intimate connection with the environment. High school beach cleanups transitioned into college recycling initiatives and I enjoyed organizing events to benefit the environment. When I started my business, Plak That, I contacted 1% to become a member because since college, I have been obsessed with the intersection of business and environmentalism.

The idea of the triple bottom line resonated with me and 1% was the natural fit for my new business. However, printing photos on planks of wood put me in a predicament thanks to my environmental concerns of deforestation. Since the first time I sourced wood for the business, I have been committed to using only FSC Certified wood as well as contributing to the Arbor Day Foundation. Plak That is now an annual contributor to the Arbor Day Foundation, planting more trees per year then we use for the prints. In the 2013 certification cycle, Plak That also contributed to the Assateague Coastal Trust(Ocean City, MD) which works to protect and enhance the natural resources of the Atlantic Coastal Bays watershed. ¬†Between surfing, paddle boarding, and fishing, the health of this fragile ecosystem is not only important to me, but it’s the lifeblood of our tourist economy.

I am truly proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet and I look forward to growing and contributing for many years to come!”
Plak has put together a few promotional items specifically for 1% for the Planet members, take a moment and check them out!

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