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Pettet Endurance Project Joins 1% FTP

Please help us a welcome our newest 1% for the Planet member, Pettet Endurance Project!

“We are Pettet Endurance Project: makers of merino wool running apparel and firm believers in the healing power of a post run recovery beer.”

Pettet Endurance Project is a company with soul that manufactures merino wool running apparel. Not only is it great for endurance athletes, it’s one of the most sustainable fabrics available. And in an industry known for its use of overseas labor, Pettet Endurance Project makes each and every one of their products in the United States, something that they are extremely proud of.

“When you invest this much in a product, it can be difficult to keep costs down. One of our guiding principles from day one was to make the best apparel for endurance athletes available, but find a way to make all of these benefits attainable from a cost perspective,” says Poffenroth. “That’s why we make our gear only available at in order to cut out the cost of a retail middleman and be proper stewards for our customers.”

Even though PEP hasn’t been around for long, they’ve know they wanted to be part of the 1% For The Planet community from the get-go. “We wanted our partnership with 1% for the Planet to be part of our heritage from the beginning. The organization represents a huge part of what we stand for, and we’re committed to protecting the environment that allows us to participate in the endurance activities we love.”

“In our sport, we spend hours on end outdoors. It’s a big part of why we love what we do, and we wanted to build a company that helped support that love and the environment in multiple ways.”- Greg Poffenroth, Pettet Endurance Project Founder

You can check out PEP’s budding selection of gear online at

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